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Art Consultant in the Gulf countries

  •  Sale of Artworks :
    • - Masterpieces of Art : Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Chagall...
    • - Contemporary Artists works of art : See below details.
  •  Touring Art Show :
    • - Organizing of Art Exhibitions & Private Sales in most of GCC
      countries : Qatar, Saudy Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan...

 Art as a Business Facilitator

If you are involved in luxury business (real estate, finance, luxuary goods, hotels...) we could set up together convivial events. This could be very favorable to extend your network of contacts.

 Sale of Artworks

I am looking for business partners for the sale and / or the purchase of Masterpieces of paintings (Picasso, Modigliani, Chagall, Monet…) based upon a win-win principal.

Each Masterpiece comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by undisputable international experts (Wildenstein Institute for Monet paintings, Claude Picasso …).

We use the normal procedure of Mandate on one side and Letter of Intent (LOI) with a Proof of Funds (POF) on the other one.

The deal is generally done in a bank, where escrow accounts are open for the circumstance.

A performance bond or viewing fees are sometimes required.

The buyer can be accompanied by an expert of his choice, to confirm the authenticity of the painting.

Original Oil Painting Original Oil Painting Original Oil Painting

Artworks are classified according to their appraisal (catalogues upon request) :

  •  Level 1 : Masterpieces (Picasso, Monet…) --- Value = 1,000,000. US $ & more.
  •  Level 2 : Famous Contemporary Artist --------- Value =    100,000. US $ & more.
  •  Level 3 : Current French Artists ------------------ Value =        5,000. US $ & more

 Here are a few pictures of our current artists works

Just a click on the artists name to get more information & a click on the pictures to enlarged them.

Below, a remarkable catalogue of 150 designs painted by Franz KOHLER.

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A new talent, Bernadette POISSON.

bernadette poisson bernadette poisson bernadette poisson

We can provide large size paintings (triptychs ...) for your office or your house

Below, an ophtalmologist surgery decorated by one of our artists.

interior design

Below, more artists to discover, abstract & figurative ones.

art consulting art consulting art consulting

I have been the agent of these 2 renowned artists, the BONNEC Brothers during 3 years, in Asia.

bonnec brothers bonnec brothers

Below, an artist who is at once a painter and an engraver.

Art, fiscalité, collectionneur, entreprise Art, fiscalité, collectionneur, entreprise

This is a small part of our CATALOGUE (abstract & figurative arts).

 Sculptures & Bronzes

One of the very few sculptors, in the world, who masters so well resin & colours combination.

Resin Sculpture Resin Sculpture Resin Sculpture

Below, a few sculptures by an artist who gives a second life to eroded materials

Bronze Sculpture Bronze Sculpture Bronze Sculpture