Galerie 39

Exhibitions & events

20 years ago, I spent 3 years in Asia (2 in Tokyo) organizing :

  •  Paintings & sculptures Exhibitions (Japon, Taiwan...),
  •  Events dedicated to Art & Wine, in luxury hotels...

Galerie 39 TIAS

Many exhibitions were organized, in Japan,
with Mr Makoto Kodama Art Dealer in Tokyo.

At KSK, the most important architecture Cy in Japan for the signature of a publishing contract.

Galerie 39 TIAS

Paintings exhibition at Gallery 39 in Osaka,
with the Bonnec Brothers.

Exhibition of paintings, lithographies & sculptures
during the TIAS show (Tokyo) - 1991

Galerie d'art Galerie d'art

Exhibition of lithographies
in Taiwan (Taipei) in 1991.

Paintings & lithographies exhibition in Tokyo
sponsored by a wine importer.

Vinification Dégustation foie gras Distillation

Vinification workshop
Grape crushing.

Foie gras & Cognac tasting during an
exhibition, in a luxury hotel.

Distillation of 1 bottle of white
wine with a miniature still.

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