Art & Wine

Here are the educational & promotional tools used during events organized, in major hotels, by Art & Business, our Business Club :

  •  Tastings : wines & gastronomy.
  •  Distillation : demonstration of Cognac or Armagnac making.

These unique items have been employed during professional shows :
Vinexpo & Vinitech (Bordeaux), Wine for Asia (Singapore), SIAL China (Shanghai), Sopexa (Hong Kong)…

Maquette Bordeaux Maquette Bordeaux

Model of a winery (see the below video). Dimensions: (L) 120 x (l) 70 x (H) 30 cm

Maquette Bordeaux Maquette OXO

Model of a winery (red & white wines).
Dimensions: (L) 51 x (l) 39 x (H) 14 cm

Collection of barrels (cap. 1 litre).
Dimensions : (L) 82 x (l) 50 x (H) 28 cm

Exact replica of the
Château Latour's tower.

Cognac Estate model during SIAL China (Shanghai).
Dimensions: (L) 110 x (l) 60 x (H) 30 cm

Operating still. It can distillate 1 litre of wine.
Dimensions : (L) 58 x (l) 30 x (H) 40 cm.

Decorative still. The exact replica of a Cognac still.
Dimensions : (L) 65 x (l) 30 x (H) 45 cm

Miniature bottles stand with a Cognac Estate model
Dimensions : (L) 52 x (l) 12 x (H) 40 cm.

2 little models (white & red wine).
Dimensions : (L) 51 x (l) 25 x (H) 12 cm.

Vinification Dégustation foie gras Distillation

Vinification workshop
Grape crushing.

Foie gras & Cognac tasting during an
exhibition, in a luxury hotel.

Distillation of 1 bottle of white
wine with a miniature still.

You can watch 4 videos & 2 slide-shows by cliking on the below links.

Tasting at Sofitel Distillation in Shanghai Vinification in Hong Kong Exhibition in Singapore Slide show - vinification Slide show - distillation